Trudy is an excellent choice for school board trustee. Trudy cares about her community and has incredible insights in education and Indigenous knowledge. Trudy has published a curriculum-based First Nations children’s book that teaches children to turn to Mother Earth to solve problems.  She has presented to SD62, sharing her book and cultural teachings.

~ Teddy Anderson, Publisher

I have known Trudy Spiller for 24 years.  She is a tireless worker and activist who will be a huge asset to the Sooke School Board.

Students, parents, and teachers will benefit from her dedication to them to make the difficult decisions to ensure the best possible educational opportunities for each and every student served by the district.

~Laura Neil

Trudy will bring a strong voice to the table as a Sooke School Trustee. She will speak up for public education and for policies and programs that recognize the diversity of our community.

~ Randall Garrison, NDP MP, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca, 2014

Trudy has always been an activist in promoting public services, equity and a deeper understanding of First Nations’ culture and issues. Her advocacy, knowledge and commitment was a key factor in the Hospital Employees’ Union establishing and entrenching in their Constitution a First Nations’ Standing Committee. Her leadership served to educate and to create a deeper appreciation of Canadian heritage and resulted in HEU adopting positions that value diversity and are more inclusive. After more than twenty years, she remains outspoken at National, Provincial and community levels.

~ Fred Muzin, Former President Hospital Employees’ Union, 2014

We’ve known Trudy for more than 10 years, witnessing her tireless work in a variety of community settings.

In particular, she has been personally engaged in advocating for the betterment of opportunities for First Nation’s children enrolled in our public schools. Her interest and her efforts have not been limited to First Nations, but have also included support for all special needs children.

In all of our contacts with her she has shown herself to be a good example as a parent as well as a team player and a positive contributor to the community as a whole.

~ Bruce and May Partridge, Nanaimo, BC, V9X 1M8, 2014

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Spiller for several years when we were both part of a quasi judicial tribunal dealing with  Employment Insurance appeals. I found her to be a thoughtful, careful and compassionate person who invariably approached the task at hand with complete objectivity and fairness. She was always well prepared and efficiently organized which was helpful to me in my job as chairperson.

While we worked together, I came to learn something about Trudy’s family dynamics and I was particularly impressed by the fact that, notwithstanding that her own children are grown, she continues to assume a leadership role in regards to the rearing and educational direction of young family members.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Trudy Spiller as a school trustee.

~ Roxanne Helme, Barrister and Solicitor, Green & Helme, 2014

I have had the pleasure to work with Trudy for a few years, I found Trudy always a pleasure to work with and from this forged a personal friendship.

Trudy is traditional, professional, morally outstanding and ethical, and she always goes the extra mile to make sure activities have been accomplished. Whether we need a professional opinion or personal involvement and commitment even at the last minute, Trudy cannot only take care of it, but will do it with passion.

Marsé (Thank You)

~ Don Moran, Senior Officer – CUPE/SCFP, Ottawa, Ontario
Office 613-237-1590 Ext 347, 2014
Meena ka wawpamitan Moñ freyrs pi Ma seurs (I’ll see you again my brothers and sisters)

Trudy Spiller has been a tremendous asset and a huge help in my work as an advocate seeking equality and fair treatment for all. Her tireless efforts and strong dedication in the pursuit of strategies to improve and advance the conditions for the disadvantaged and disengaged have been a contributing factor in the foundation for many successful projects and initiatives. Trudy’s traditional teachings and connections to her community have taught me many lessons, which have contributed to a strong sense of community.

~Brian Barron, Diversity Vice President , National Executive Board CUPE, 2014

I am pleased to endorse Trudy Spiller as a candidate for SD62 Trustee. Trudy has been a very active member of the Wishart PAC, spending countless hours ensuring every classroom has a well-stocked emergency kit and spearheading the effort to have a new shed to hold emergency supplies constructed.

Trudy is also very involved in First Nations classroom presentations, her knowledge and stories keep the students spellbound. Trudy is a great-grandmother with grown children of her own, and is currently raising two children, aged 8 & 9. Her dedication to education is inspiring.
She will make an outstanding Trustee!

~Larissa Coates, President, Wishart PAC, 2014



1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. I met Trudy at the Colwood Seaside Festival when I was doing photography. Even without knowing her background, I could see she had depth and wisdom. I support Trudy as School Board Trustee. She is dedicated to her work in the community and would bring much needed awareness and education to the schools regarding First Nations. Belinda


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